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Transforming Career Management

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Don't leave your career to chance. Start planning ahead today.

For some people – maybe most – at some point we look back at what we have done and say to ourselves, “Hmm. I guess that was my career!” Many of us don’t consciously plan our careers. We tend to be reactive, making the best decision based on available information, when a career opportunity presents itself. Even if we have planned out a career path at some point, we have most likely been knocked off course because of a life event or job possibility that has arisen.

Whether we are at the beginning, middle or towards the end of our careers, there is no time like the present to consider career management. It is the key issue for everyone in the workforce. It applies regardless of the role we hold, our level in the organization, or the industry we are in. And, being able to manage career is critical whether we are an employee, contractor, consultant, or self-employed. Take the initiative to manage your career, or it will happen anyway, by default.

Finding that next opportunity involves identifying:

· Interests – What do we like to do? It is much easier to sustain strong performance doing something we enjoy doing.

· Skills – What are we good at? It is much easier to sustain strong performance doing something we can do well.

· Market – Where is the market demand? It is much easier to make a living if we someone wants to pay us for what we want to do and like to do.

Career management is all about sustaining our role now and into the future. Achieving success results from aligning our personal goals with organizational goals. And this occurs when we build a strong PIER to the future, by focusing on:

Performance. Creating a meaningful career by sustaining high levels of performance in the organization.

Integration. Achieving physical and emotional wellness, as an individual who is integrated into our personal life and our work life.

Engagement. Being a fully engaged contributor to our family and to our team at work.

Retention. Taking control of our lives at work and at home to maintain employability.

It's your career

You don't have to wait for opportunity to knock.

We might be forced to consider our future because of an organizational decision that leaves us out of work. Or, we may choose to initiate the work involved in career management because we are dissatisfied with how things are working out. Either way, a Career Coach can help, by providing a meaningful and structured framework for career management, as well as guidance and support through the process.

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