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New Year - New Skills

What are your career goals for the New Year? If "Developing These Soft Skills" is not on your list, then it should be. These are the top five Soft Skills employers are looking for in 2019.

1. Creativity

Creativity is number one. Employers are looking for talented people who can do more than read and recite. What new ideas do you bring to the table? If you have new ideas, do you talk to your boss or leadership about them? Or share them with your team? Do you provide examples of your creativity at work on your resume? Your ideas matter, talk about them.

2. Persuasion

Are you persuasive at work? This is a particularly important skill for leaders! Employers are looking for someone who can confidently communicate their views or ideas because those people can motivate others, or inspire an entire team to be creative. Key for progress, employers want someone who can get the whole team on one page.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration keeps the wheels turning, especially in a fast growing business. It's an easy idea, but doing it right can be the challenge. Do you collaborate with your team or other teams at work? (Or individuals?) Employers need to know you can work well with others and that if you are chosen to be a leader you can drive collaboration efforts. Healthy collaboration goes beyond specific projects and stretches into everyday process, make sure it matters to you, your team and leaders.

4. Adaptability

Do you adapt easily? Successfully adapting goes beyond adding to your scope at work. Employers want you to not only adapt to their needs, but help other employees adapt and support or adapt a new process that saves or earns more money. If everyone on your team can adapt to a new process, it makes it easier to use right?

5. Time Management

Often viewed as the most difficult soft skill to conquer, especially for someone with a lot on their plate. DON'T approach it as a way to just figure out how to add more to your to do list. Time management can reduce your stress and give you a few minutes to be mindful or check your work, those are often more important than adding a new item. It can be a source of personal and professional growth.

To learn more about how to develop these highly desirable soft skills, contact us today!

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