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What Kurru Offers


Kurru Talent is focused on aligning human talent with business success. The key is talent engagement - achieving the buy-in of your people to the strategic direction of your organization throughout the employee life cycle.  We can help you and your Company with:

  • Recruitment, helping you find and acquire talented people for difficult-to-fill positions that are critical to your success

  • Talent Development, helping you plan and implement the key interventions that ensure your people are engaged and productive

  • Organizational Development, helping you plan, implement and manage new technology, processes and/or programs

  • Transition Management, helping you manage the entire transition process from initial consultation and planning through notification and program delivery

Why Chose Kurru Talent

Global and Local

Kurru Talent experience is global, spanning the U.S., Australia, Asia, The Middle East, U.K. and Europe, giving us a broad perspective on cultural differences.  Our experience is also local, with nearly 20 years living and working in Texas, most of that time in the DFW Metroplex.


Diverse Consultants

Kurru Talent consultants are diverse in terms of ethnic, cultural, gender, and generational backgrounds.  While many firms have long-tenured consultants, we strive to have a mix of Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers to reflect the demographics of the workforce.


Universalist Experience

Unlike those who are generalists or specialists, Kurru Talent has universalist experience – both broad AND deep.  Our consultants have worked in large and small organizations across a wide range of industries, and many have founded and led their own businesses, enabling them to bring diverse experiences to mirror the backgrounds of their clients.


Large and Small Programs

Kurru Talent services are scalable.  We are accustomed to working with our corporate clients to tailor our services to your needs, whether to plan and implement programs involving large numbers of clients, or small-scale actions for a limited number of employees.


Collaborative Philosophy

Kurru Talent works collaboratively with both our business clients and our individual clients to customize our services to their needs and budget, to achieve real and sustainable benefit.

*We do not currently list pricing on our site. To receive a simple quote for the program you are interested in, please complete the form found on program pages, or you can access it here.



Unfilled jobs waste companies over $160 Billion every year.


We specialize in recruiting for hard to fill and highly specialized positions. 

Prices for all of our recruiting options are very competitive while still delivering the same high quality service. 

Finding and recruiting people to fill your business needs, seems simple enough, but is often time-consuming and expensive, raising a number of questions:

  • What is the most cost-effective approach?

  • Can we recruit using our internal resources?

  • Should we use an outside recruiting firm for some or all hiring?

  • How much of the recruiting should we do in-house vs. externally?

  • What is the relative cost of internal vs. external services?

  • Should we use an RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) or an embedded recruiter?

  • What recruiting metrics should we track?


Kurru Talent can help you answer such questions.  We have recruited across the US and globally and specialize in filling difficult-to-fill positions quickly and inexpensively, using our team of experienced and dedicated recruiters.  Contact us to discuss your budget and objectives, so we can work with you to design an approach that may include:

  • Retained search

  • Contained search

  • Outsourced recruiting


Like our services, our pricing is tailored to your needs.  Options include flat fee, percentage of compensation, and retainer for outsourced recruiter.


Talent Development


Studies have shown that investing in talent development can increase profits and drive growth. 

It also reduces employee turnover significantly. 

Our programs are tailored to your organization and our prices are very competitive. We make a healthy performance management culture affordable and believe in putting a strong relationship before contracts. 

Talent development is a broad area, so the challenge is knowing where to start.  Kurru Talent helps to align human and business success by ensuring your talent initiatives are consistent with each other and aligned to the strategic direction of the business.


Onboarding Assimilation

Ensuring new hires assimilate into the organization quickly and can grow in their role to achieve personal success and contribute to the success of the organization.

Leadership and Engagement

Unlocking the capabilities of your workforce through assessment of traits, attitudes, motivators, work preferences and interests so the right people are doing the right work.


Involving leaders at various levels in mentoring participants, providing exposure to new ideas and approaches, as well as expanding their networks and increasing organizational visibility.


High Potential Development

Exposing your hi-pots to new perspectives and skills through executive-led sessions on strategic issues and engagement in cross-functional live projects important to the business.


Executive Coaching

Preparing your executives for career success in handling expanded roles, through coaching that enhances business acumen, people skills and emotional intelligence.

Succession Planning

Identifying and developing a cadre of talented, future-oriented leaders able to assume new roles quickly in an environment of more rapid and less predictable change.

Talent Development

Organization Development

Org. Development.jpeg

Ineffective process management and lack of continuity in communication can be extremely costly for organizations. 

Just having everyone on the same page with technology, processes and systems can greatly improve engagement and subsequently grow revenue. It also provides an opportunity for your top talent to really shine and be effective. 

It's important for these reasons and more, but accomplishing this is WAY easier said than done. You don't have to break the bank to unlock the potential of your organization. We have plenty of options that will be effective, regardless of the size or maturity of your organization. 

Organization development is a broad area, so the challenge is knowing where to start.  Kurru Talent helps to align human and business success by ensuring your talent initiatives are consistent with each other and aligned to the strategic direction of the business.


Talent Strategy

Assessing current talent programs across the organization, related to corporate strategic direction, to determine priorities and develop a practical Talent Plan that has broad buy-in.


Job Grading and Compensation

Comparing the relative sizes of jobs across the organization to aid for sound compensation management, using our quick, easy-to-use and robust JGplus job grading tools.


Culture and Diversity

Viewing culture and diversity more broadly than simply ethnicity and race, is important to be able to tap into your workforce’s full capabilities to unlock innovation and achieve success.


Talent Risk and Knowledge Transfer

Identifying the gaps between your current talent capabilities and what is needed to measurably reduce talent risk by transferring and retaining corporate knowledge.


Learning Effectiveness

Shifting the focus of corporate learning from event-based training to sustainable, organization-wide behavior change that can be measured and scaled across the organization

Organizatinal Development

Transition Management


Transition Management is often needed after a company is purchased, there is a major change in the industry or new technology is introduced. Unfortunately, regardless of the situation, it can be a stressful time for everyone involved. 

We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. In some events, it is possible to retrain and redeploy rather than transition employees. We have the resources and are available to consult with you regarding making the best choice for your organization and workforce. 

We will work with you to provide excellent service within your budget. It is important to us to build a relationship with our clients and with all of our services we strive to keep costs low. 

When the time comes for employees to leave your organization, whether due to downsizing, rightsizing, RiF, M&A, reorganization, retirement, or other business needs, you have may questions including:

  • How do you minimize the impact and cost to the business?

  • How do you treat people consistently and humanely?

  • How do you demonstrate to the remaining employees that they are valued and that their colleagues were provided for?

  • How do you minimize the stress on all those involved in a difficult time?

  • How to avoid costly litigation and damage to your corporate reputation?

  • How do you avoid damage to your employee brand as well as build the brand for the future?


Kurru Talent is here to help with these and other questions.  We are experts in career transition, with many years of experience in the US and overseas in planning and implementing outplacement and delivering services to affected employees that enable them to move on with their lives.  We are differentiated from our competitors by our “high-touch” approach, ensuring every participant, regardless of program level has an assigned consultant working with them. We can tailor a program to your needs and budget, so contact us to discuss options including:


Individual Programs Program Length (See Services for Individuals for more info on what's included)

  • C-Suite/Senior Executive 12-month individual program

  • Executive 6-12-month individual program

  • Manager 3-6-month individual program

  • Experienced Professional 3-6-month individual program

  • Professional/Technical Individual Contributor 1-3 months individual program


Group Programs Program Length

  • Technician & Administrator Group workshops

Transition Management
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