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About Us

Kurru, LLC is a Texas limited liability company with global capabilities, established in November 2000. Kurru helps organizations, of every type and size, across the entire employee lifecycle:

  • Recruiting, helping you find and acquire talented people for difficult-to-fill positions that are critical to your success

  • Talent Development, helping you plan and implement those almost key interventions that ensure your people are engaged and productive

  • Career Transition, helping you conduct humane and cost-effective outplacement for those employees who no longer fit your business needs


With less organizations more than ever offering professional development services, Kurru has developed programs easy to purchase for Individuals. We call these Career Management Programs (learn about how Career Management Programs are different from traditional Career Transition programs) and they are tailored to meet the needs of individuals from any industry and at any stage in their career:

  • Students

  • Professionals

  • Managers/Directors

  • Executives

  • Senior Executives


We also offer Network Memberships for each major career level. Learn more about Memberships here. 


  • Students

  • Young Professionals

  • Professionals

  • Executives

  • Specialty Based (Several Options)   

In addition to programs for Individuals seeking to develop themselves within organizations, we offer programs for those who are ready for a more independent track. Learn about our programs for Consultants and Entrepreneurs.  

Our Workshops are easy to customize to meet the specific needs of clients organizations. We also regularly host Workshops that are accessible to Career Transition Participants, Career Management Program Participants, and some Network Memberships include participation in Workshops. Learn more about Workshops we offer. We also reserve seats in each Workshop for purchase by the public. Some of our regular Workshops include (but not limited to): 


  • Building a LinkedIn Profile

  • Writing A Resume

  • Interviewing

  • Leadership 101

  • Executive Leadership 

What Kurru Means

The name “Kurru” derives from the language of the Walpiri people, an Australian aboriginal tribe, and has connotations of “creation”, “spirit” and “future”, reminding us that unlocking creativity is one of the keys to prospering in the digital economy.  Our focus is on aligning human and business success, as we believe that the more technologically-dependent business becomes, the greater is our need for people to have strong interpersonal relationships. 


In order to honor the Indigenous Australian communities and respect their belief systems, from which Kurru draws much inspiration for our values and mission, as well as our approach to offering services. Kurru donates X% of it's annual profit to an Aboriginal Youth scholarship fund (insert name here) and offers free tuition for Indigenous Australian and Indigenous American college students currently enrolled in ANY accredited institution. 


All of the Aboriginal art utilized by Kurru in our marketing is licensed from an Indigenous Australian artist. 

Our Values And Mission

We build business relationships - you decide whether to work with us as a client. 

We are generous with our time. 

We celebrate success, our client's and our team's. 

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